Thursday, December 15, 2005

I made it through my first quarter! I'm done now and on break till January 3rd. I don't know if I can drag myself back to the computer to blog you may not hear from me till January.

Until then, happy holidays!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

These professors know how to pile everything up at the end of the quarter! I got my paper done on the comparison of IB models. I think it's a decent paper, we'll see what the professor says.

I also recently finished a huge group project and presentation. I'm so glad that is over! We looked at the information behavior of baristas, which ended up being quite interesting. Perhaps we were stretching it a bit at times, but that's only because there wasn't much literature to go on. Not any on baristas and not much on the service industry.

I've got one little assignment in that class and then it's done! Yay!

But the other class is a different story. I have a search assignment due at the end of the week. I've got a number of questions and I have to find the answers for. We've had two search assignments so far and I've done well on them.
I also have to do a research consultation with someone. I've picked my person, but she went out of town and I still don't know what she wants research on! Hopefully it won't take too long to do the research though. I'm interested to see if my new knowledge of searching techniques and resources will be helpful.

I also have another group assignment. For this one we have to pick some particular place and pick 10 reference resources they would need, and our reasoning for that.
This could be interesting. We're looking at a tour boat that goes around the world on educational trips, with lectures, etc. Right now we're trying to see if the trip could be about going to Quaker areas in Latin America. This should be an interesting one.

As you can see, I'm up to my eyes in papers and projects!