Tuesday, February 28, 2006

7 days left. That's all!! Seven days left of this winter quarter. Both classes continue to be interesting, thought provoking, and sometimes plain confusing. =) I have two big projects left to complete so I'll be a busy girl.

On top of that, I'm going to GUATEMALA in two weeks!! Ack! I'm very excited about this and look forward to telling you all all about it.

The day after I return I start the Spring quarter. I know you're all dying to know what I've signed up for, so here it is:

Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials,
Information Systems, Architectures and Retrieval,
Storytelling: Art and Techniques

Sounds exciting, eh? Well I'm looking forward to it!

Back to reading now...I'm getting into classification issues in arrangement and display...whatever that means. =)


Anna Dunford said...

Chiquimula?! (silly grin at the memory of Aidan at the YAE...) If you see any WGYF folk send my love! Have a fantastic time =)
un abrazo
Anna xxx

Aimee said...

=) I am going to be doing a workshop with Karla, and I know Karen will be there. I'll say hi!

cosand said...

And hopefully you'll let me know if ya need a ride to the airport...

but really? Studying yer butt off and then traveling the break away? Downtime. Ever consider it? (He says remembering he just suggested she should work more...)

Aimee said...

airport? Oh yeah, I'm traveling soon... =) One thing at a time now! I've got to get through these two last projects before I think about anything else.

Jessica said...

Aimee, I can't believe you are going to abandon me with a stranger! A stranger! is moving into our house! Her room is right next to mine. Who is going to find my body if you are traipsing around Guatemala?

Aimee said...

I'll come back and rescue you, roomie, never fear!