Wednesday, April 26, 2006

For a while there I thought I was learning how to say no, but that's just crazy-talk. There is just too much to do - responsibility-wise and fun-wise.

An update, in no particular order:

- had a mid term today. Wow. The last time a took a test in school was probably 5 years ago! I'm trying not to whine too much since all my siblings have regular tests and most of my friends in other grad programs have midterms and finals. It was kind of a weird experience. I hope I did well. I'm pretty sure I didn't bomb it, but afterwards I knew there were a few things I didn't get.

- I've got a group project coming up on Integrated Pest Management in libraries. We got stuck with the first presentation date, so that's in like two and a half weeks! But our goal is to make everyone have the creepy-crawlies by the time we're done. =) We've talked about getting plastic bugs to put out on the desks and have images of bugs crawling on our powerpoint. And I'm tracking down books that have been eaten by pests.

- my database class is insane with assignments due every class time and so much reading! And I don't know what it is with this reading, but I cannot stay awake and concentrate when I read this stuff. I can stay up till 1 am studying for a test, reading through notes, etc without feeling too tired. But if I start to do the readings for this class ... it's like I develop narcolepsy all of a sudden. The best bed-time reading material EVER.

- I should be finding out this week about the International Development certificate program. Yep, I applied. I'm not sure how much time this will add, probably a year. So we'll see - and I'll certainly post when I hear.

- And lastly, I nominated myself for a student committee. Can you believe it!? I've never served on a student committee or really considered it. I applied for the service committees "community liaison." So, I'll let you know about that too.

Well, I'm off to do some reading...zzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

You Rock!

Aimee said...

whoever you are... yes, I know. =)

Cosand said...

So... wait.... grad school is overwhelming? ???? Madness!

;) Ah well. At least you have a calm, quiet, relaxed home environment to study in this weekend. :D Heh

Aimee said...

What are you talking about!! There are tons of people staying here... I think were at 16 people in the house right now...and I'm off at the conference all day for two days!! Yeah, I guess you're right. It would be a nice study environment at home...if I got to be here. =)

Cosand said...

Ahhh... the rampant insanity that is your life.

Try to keep up! She dares ya! Not for me... thanks. Well, unless it's Lostday.