Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wow, more interesting stuff today. In my Management of Information Organizations class (or whatever it's called), we focused on ethics. Heady stuff. What are ethics? Why are they important? What is the difference between ethics and morals? Between ethics and law? We discussed 5 streams of ethics, including deontolgical, utilitarian, social contract, rights-based, and virtue.

We also did an interesting exercise. We were handed a long list of values. Take a look at this list, then cross off 10 that don't really describe you/ don't describe you all the time/ aren't that important to you/ ones you can live without.

Fairness Flexibility Experimentation
Initiative Cautiousness Cooperation
Innovation Quality Independence
Hierarchy Diversity Broad-mindedness
Democracy Courtesy Change
Autonomy Humor Forgiveness
Formality Cost- Conformity
Control consciousness Customer service
Individuality Creativity Respect for the individual
Obedience Openness Teamwork
Honesty Adaptability Changing the status quo
Merit Community Consideration
Accountability Aggressiveness Logic
Development Diligence Social equality
Integrity Orderliness Loyalty
Self-discipline Courage Professionalism
Compassion Transparency Politeness
Precision Revenge Accuracy

Think about yourself and be honest - cross off another 10.
Have you done that?
Now cross off another 10.
This is probably getting difficult and hard to cross things off. But you have to cross off 10 more. You should be left with 4 values.

Do these reflect who you are the most? Are these indeed the most important values to you - the ones you can't live without?
These values probably have a price though. Would you even be willing to give these up in certain situations? What situations? What is the price of these values?

For the record, I was left with integrity, compassion, humor, and adaptability.

I'm still not sure about those - I've been going back and forth all day. Do those really describe me the most? Are those the most important values to me? Are they important but not really the ones I ascribe to all the time, merely what I hope to? Or do they describe me quite well? I'm sure the resulting list also depends on what mood you're in and all those things.

Well, I'm off to read some particularly exciting stuff on globalization. =)

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@bdul muHib Diherhen said...

So what is the difference between ethics and morals? I've understood that ethics refers to what is appropriate within a specific field, and morals how you see what is right. So GWA teaching intelligent design as science was unethical, but not immoral, as they believed what they were doing was correct.