Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's true, I daydream a lot. In class, on the bus, at work, whenever. I daydream often about different ideas for libraries. And of course now different ideas for projects for my portfolio! So here is one strand of daydream I had in class this last Thursday.

We've been talking about information behavior so I'm not sure exactly where this came from. I was thinking about large public libraries (and most other libraries I suppose) and their collection development policies. They do their best to figure out what the population wants, not just what they want today, but what people will want years down the road. Not an easy job. But you can narrow things down based on the type of library you're in.

So I was thinking about small community libraries. Like a library on an Indian reservation. Or a library in some other sort of under-served population area. It would be cool to get together a representative group of people from the community to pour over all the lists of books available and help select what titles the library should get. I would hope then that the community would be that much more aware of what is in the library and they would also be excited about the resources, because they helped pick them out.
Of course, what is the likelihood of getting people to care? But I like wishful thinking.

So, more wishful thinking... I was daydreaming about putting together some sort of library club where people get together once a month to share "what did you learn this month." People could share as much or little about some particular thing they learned about. There could be a list somewhere of ideas of things to learn about. Sure this wouldn't appeal to everyone, but there are definitely some who are always eager to learn more things. I think it's important to share these things with others (helps give you more of a purpose) and you learn more that way from what other people are sharing.

All right, more on this later...perhaps.

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